The Art of Letting Go Some things are just not in your control

As a Special Education teacher, I have to find balance between having control of my classroom and letting go of control. It’s my job to make sure that my kids are learning and that the classroom, which consists of eight students and five paraprofessionals, is running smoothly and with teamwork. There are schedules, IEPs to follow, and goals to be met. This requires me to have control.

Yet, on a daily basis I need to let go of control. More importantly, I need to be OK with letting go.

There are unexpected schedule changes. The World Language teacher is absent. Gym time has been changed. We have a fire drill. A child comes in not feeling well. One or more of my students has a tantrum ( at the same time) Someone has a bathroom accident. Someone spills something. You get the idea!

If you have worked with or have a child who has autism then you know how upsetting it can be to have a change in routine. When there is a change in their schedule, this child feels that loss of control and it usually will result in a tantrum.

You don’t need to have autism to dislike losing your sense of control. Change can be difficult for anyone, but for someone who has a personality where control is important, ( dare I call you a control freak/ type A personality) losing control of a situation can give you heart palpitations.

I get it. I feel you.

Now let’s throw in the whole Coronavirus situation! Life has turned upside down. Schools have closed. Workplaces have closed. Things are closing as I type. We have been thrown into a crash course of letting go of control!

It seems like nothing is in our control, and this is an unsettling feeling.

It’s why I was inspired to write this post today. I write to remind myself. I write to maybe inspire you. It’s true, there is so much that I cannot control, especially now. What do know is that fighting this fact is futile. No matter how many times I shout out to God or the Universe that it should NOT be this way, I come to the same realization….

I cannot control it. It is this way.

Fighting to have control gives me no comfort. It will give you no comfort either. This is why I share the art of letting go.

Accept. ( this is what is going on)

Breathe. ( just take a deep breath)

Choose. (consciously let go of what isn’t working…. needing control)

Now remind yourself that you are doing the best you can. Breathe some more. Find something to make you smile. Drink water. Treat your body with kindness. Treat others with kindness. Listen to music. Dance in your living room. Read. Watch TV that inspires you.

Let go of control.

Published by Patty Bartulovich

I am a Special Education teacher who shares a practical yet spiritual approach to teaching, learning, and life in general. I teach children who have autism. To be successful with my students it takes patience, mindfulness, and leaving one's ego behind. It requires a willingness to be self aware. It requires self love. I am both teacher and student. Dealing with everyday life challenges requires the same.

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