The Importance of Mindfulness

Being mindful is important both in and out of the classroom. What exactly do I mean when I say that it’s important to be mindful? If you were to Google “mindfulness” you will see it defined as being present. For me, being mindful is paying attention to the present moment. It’s paying attention to my thoughts, my emotions, and how my body physically feels in the present moment. As a Special Education teacher it’s also important to be present with my students in this same way.

I can tell you that it takes practice to be mindful.

How do I know I am not being mindful? I know that I am not in the present if I come to work remembering something that happened yesterday, or if I am worried about something that might happen tomorrow.

If I am lost in thoughts from yesterday or tomorrow, then I am living life on autopilot. Living on autopilot can affect my body physically and emotionally. It can be a vicious cycle. Most times, thoughts from yesterday or tomorrow are troublesome rather than pleasant, and such thoughts prohibit me from my experience of the here and now.

Living on autopilot, is therefore a huge block to being more mindful and mindfulness is a huge stepping stone toward more balance, happiness, and ease in your life.

As I mentioned before, mindfulness takes practice. You have to first recognize if you have been living on autopilot. What I would like you to take away from this blog post is an awareness of where you are on the spectrum between autopilot and mindful.

Living on autopilot is nothing more than a habit, and it is a habit that can be changed. Your self awareness plays a key role in any change, and it is a topic that this Spiritual Sped will continue to explore if you care to join me.

Published by Patty Bartulovich

I am a Special Education teacher who shares a practical yet spiritual approach to teaching, learning, and life in general. I teach children who have autism. To be successful with my students it takes patience, mindfulness, and leaving one's ego behind. It requires a willingness to be self aware. It requires self love. I am both teacher and student. Dealing with everyday life challenges requires the same.

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